Ibrox Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Ibrox Stadium Seating Map with Seat Numbers

Ibrox Stadium Glasgow

Ibrox Stadium seating plan with seat numbers and rows is very helpful among visitors to locate their seats easily. Ibrox Stadium is a very popular sports stadium located in the United Kingdom. This stadium was also known as Ibrox Park and it was opened on 30th December 1899. The address of the stadium is 150 Edmiston Dr, Glasgow G51 2XD, United Kingdom. The seating capacity of the stadium is 50817. Ibrox Stadium has gone through multiple renovations and expansion to meet with the latest technologies and for the visitor’s comfort. Ibrox Stadium is the home stadium of Rangers F.C. Ibrox Stadium owned by the Rangers F.C. We are sharing the Ibrox Stadium seating map in this article for the convenience of our readers.

Ibrox Stadium Seating Plan 2024 Glasgow

Ibrox Stadium is a big sporting stadium in terms of seating capacity. It can accommodate 50817 visitors for the events hosted in the stadium. With the help of the Ibrox Stadium seating map with seat numbers and rows, it is easy to find and book best-view seats in the stadium. Ibrox Stadium Seating layout is very useful to locate the booked seats in the Stadium.

Ibrox Stadium Seating Plan with row and seat numbers Glasgow
Ibrox Stadium Seating Map with row and seat numbers Glasgow

All the important sections, rows, entry gates, parking lots, etc. are depicted on the Ibrox Stadium seating chart map. The seat map of Ibrox Stadium is very helpful while visiting the stadium to watch events. The seats of the stadium are spread over a large area and the Ibrox Park seating chart layout map shows all the sections of the stadium.